The VaudeVillains

Member Bios

- Cody Jung:

Cody Jung is a 23 year old session guitar player with a background in a wide variety of styles including jazz, country, rock, rockabilly, surf, pop, and blues. An accomplished finger stylist and avid fan of Chet Atkins, Cody formed The VaudeVillains as a quasi-tribute to one of his musical heroes. Recently, Cody became a voting member of the Grammy Awards and he enjoys an ever-growing list of clients for his session work.

- Kris Anderson:

Kris Anderson is a guitar instructor and graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music with a degree in jazz and pop guitar. Having been involved in the Atlanta music scene with different bands and genres since his mid-teens, Kris is comfortable playing everything from classical music to heavy metal and punk. An in-demand guitar instructor, Kris splits his time between working with high-profile clients and teaching public classes at the West Georgia Arts Conservatory.

- Chris Carter:

Chris Carter is the stand-up bass player and latest addition to the ‘Villains. The name "Chris Carter" is well known in the West Georgia area as a force to be reckoned with. Not only does Chris play with the VaudeVillains, but he is a regular on many stages across Georgia with different groups. Even beyond this, Chris is an in-demand session bass player and can be heard on many different bands' recordings.